Think You Might Be Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue? Here’s What Else To Do

Adrenal Fatigue can really ruin your life. Especially if you feel like you’re tired and burnt out all the time, and having a hard time coping with the regular stresses of everyday life. If your body has been experiencing these feelings, it’s time to take notice and listen to what your body is saying. More than likely it’s telling you it’s time for some simple lifestyle changes…

This is part 2 of what do if you think you might be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. If you haven’t already read the first part, be sure to click here and read it first.

1. Get your circadian rhythm back in order…

I don’t need to mention how important sleep is. How restoring, rejuvenating and refreshing it is, and how much every aspect of our lives depends upon it. What I do need to mention is how important it is to get your circadian rhythm‘s in check and what you can do to encourage healthy sleep patterns.

I know for those of us dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, our short burst of energy seem to come at the most inconvenient of times, say at 9:30/10 o’clock at night? However, if you want to support your endocrine system, it’s important that you take advantage of a small window of opportunity that can greatly improve your health.

Between the hours of 9 PM and 11 PM, our endocrine systems replenish themselves and our bodies homeostasis is adjusted. So if you are trying to overcome Adrenal Fatigue naturally, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be in bed by 9 PM at the latest. I know it royally sucks to go to bed at 9 PM – and maybe even seems completely impossible, especially if you just got your kids to sleep or if you just walked through the door from work three hours ago, but I cannot stress to you enough the importance of this. It may very well make or break your entire healing progress.

If you feel like the night always flies by, try setting an alarm on your phone for 8 PM. When it goes off make yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea or warm milk, if that’s your fancy. I really like “Nighty Night” tea by Traditional Medicinals. If you feel you might be in need of something stronger than use melatonin (as directed) in liquid or tablet form for a drug-free approach to encouraging natural sleep patterns.

Little changes like enjoying a warm bath 3 nights a week before bed can drastically help reset sleep patterns. A dozen or so drops of lavender essential oil added to your bath water can also do wonders to calm and soothe your muscles and nerves before climbing into the sheets, having a huge impact on your quality of sleep.

Be sure to avoid all screen activity after 8 PM, to reduce brain stimulation and encourage restorative sleep, and make time for yourself pre-8 PM. After a month or so of recalibrating your circadian rhythm, you may find that you are able to wake up earlier than usual, giving you potentially hours of quiet time all to yourself before the chaos of the day ensues.

Try to schedule time for your significant other prior to 8 PM too. With such a strict curfew, it really makes enjoying a date night, well… impossible. Be sure to plan lots of picnic lunches, day hikes, and beach trips to keep the love alive. Do the same when it comes to making plans with your friends too. And keep in mind that you will not go to bed at 9 PM forever, just until you’ve made headway in your healing. And if you miss a night (or two) and end up staying up past bedtime, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just stay focused on your next up-and-coming night of sleep, your next opportunity for whole body restoration and the chance to get closer to homeostasis.

2. Laugh often!

Surprisingly, laughter is a powerful medicine that has the ability to blast away stress instantly. Plus, let’s be honest, it feels so good! It’s like a billion tiny sound waves messaging your soul into soupy, gooey goodness… which is exactly what we humans need. I know you may not be in the mood to laugh a whole lot these days, but do try your hardest to find some comedy entertainment and pull yourself up out of this rut! You definitely won’t regret it!

Have a favorite stand-up comedian? Binge watch them on YouTube! Or marathon your favorite comedy movies (prior to 8 PM of course), and feel so much better immediately! Is the carnival in town? Take a ride on the tea cups with your little one and smile until your face hurts!

I know it’s weird, and may even seem foreign, to purposely seek out opportunities for laughter in day-to-day life when it should just all happen naturally; but hormones are seriously very powerful little buggers and, if you don’t take the action needed to help yourself, it is very easy to fall into a deep, dark slump.

Be open minded during this brief season of healing. Try to return to that carefree mindset you had as a child, in seeing the world though eyes of excitement. And don’t be afraid to encourage silliness throughout your day. Keeping a strong sense of humor is very important, and be sure to set aside playtime for yourself – doing whatever it is that used to make you happy.

3. Your Nose Knows!

The sense of smell can also be a huge help to promote natural healing. Investing in a few bottles of therapeutic grade essential oils, chosen specifically for your specific symptoms and used carefully, can have incredible medicinal effects on the body without the side effects of prescription medications. I have personally been unexpectedly surprised by the various different medicinal benefits of using essential oils and, as a result, I’ll never go back to a life living without them. I have fallen in love and I seriously don’t know how I ever survived without them in the past.

From mild depression to an immune system boost to a stubbed toe, there’s an oil for that! And, although adults should always administer essential oils and keep them out of the reach of their little ones, they are essentially safe for the whole family. Personally, I am a huge fan of Jade Bloom Essential Oils because they have the purest, clinical-grade oils on the market at a fraction of the cost of other companies, and they offer free education courses on essential oils and their uses.

So, that concludes my list of what to do right away if you feel like you might be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. Be sure to read about hidden hormone disrupters in your bathroom, if you are concerned and wondering what it is that may be causing your hormonal imbalance.

Happy Healing!

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