My 100% Effective, Drug-Free, Hormone-Free, Everything-Free “Birth Control” (That Every Woman Should Know About!)

hat they should have taught us in health class!…

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As women, our bodies hold this immense amount of power to create life! Surprisingly, however, the average woman is not all that familiar with her own body and reproductive cycle. For most women of child-bearing age, there are only two stages to their cycle: menstruation and, well… not.

That being said, there’s also this subtle illusion which somehow leads us to believe that we are able to get pregnant at any point in time. And so, for that reason, we must always use contraception- no matter what!

But the reality is, we are only fertile for one week out of the month. Even more so, we ovulate, and are only able to conceive, approximately one day out of the month. That’s only 12 days a year! That means we are reducing our bodies to the harmful side effects of birth control to protect us from only 12 days out of the year! That seems a bit crazy! And very sad for us.

The fact is, we are each in control of what we do with our own bodies. We decide what method to use for ourselves. It’s our choice, after all, and the selection we have to choose from is so vast!

However, in order for us, as women, to truly say that we are in control of our bodies, we should also, likewise, be able to have a basic understanding of our reproductive cycle and where we lie within it. It’s within this intimate knowledge of our bodies that we have the power, not in consumable products.

If only there were a tool for us to use so we could know for certain where we were in our cycles… If only there were a way to solve this complicated mystery that is womanhood and have the real control over our bodies…

Ladies, I’m so happy to say that there is!

When I first learned about FAM (or the Fertility Awareness Method) from a friend of mine, I was intrigued and immediately put our digital bathroom thermometer on my nightstand, along with a journal and a pen. I began taking my temperature upon opening my eyes each morning, recording for one month. My goal was to take my temperature as quickly upon waking as possible every morning, in order to ensure the most accurate Basal Body Temperature readings and, therefore, determine my date of ovulation.

After 30 days, I charted my collection of temperatures (just as instructed by my friend) and sure enough, I was able to see (within the dips and spikes) where my date of ovulation was. I did the same thing the following month, keeping in mind the information I learned from the last months chart, and was successfully able to prevent a pregnancy!

Why every teenage girl isn’t taught this simple concept in every single health class in the world is totally beyond me. We are taught about every other type of contraception sold on the market (and were, more than likely, forced to watch our teachers demonstrate the proper technique of putting a condom on a banana), but the bulk majority of us are unaware about something as simple as a Basal Body Temperatures? How weird is that?!

I continued to track my temps, consistently, every morning for the next 20 months, until we decided it was finally time to conceive our first child. And when we did decide it was time, and knew for certain we were ready, we already knew the day that I would be ovulating, so we were able to conceive very easily!

And, when I did conceive, an at home pregnancy test was hardly needed. I could already tell, due to the pattern of my temps, that I was pregnant. I was able to tell my doctor, with confidence, the exact dates of my last period and the exact day of conception, which meant we had a better understanding of how far along I was throughout my entire pregnancy.

I knew my body so well back then, and I really loved it.

Fast forward my life a few years, and I here I am, eager to know my cycle intimately again, and have that confidence that comes with being an independent woman. In my quest to get back on the FAM wagon, I’ve discovered that technology has really come a long way for us in the area of contraception. I recently got a wireless Bluetooth Emay Smart-Tracker Fertility Thermometer and I am just absolutely blown away by it!

It literally takes all the guess work out of charting and tracking by doing all of that for you. Temperatures automatically get logged directly into the app on my smartphone, and then provide me with a clearly visible calendar of my of my own personal cycle.image_123986672

My personal account keeps track of how many days are within my cycle, which is super convenient for those of us working hard to balance our hormones. I, myself, am currently at a 32 day cycle and working to get back to a 29 or 30 day cycle. It also provides me with the basic knowledge of FAM, allows me to set custom alarms and reminders, and gives me the option to chose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

This has to be the most important woman’s tool of this century and, at only a onetime cost of $35, could very well be the most inexpensive form of birth control available on the market today! (And that’s including the additional cost of tax, shipping and handling, and the occasional watch battery.)

So now you know, not only is this literally the safest and most fool-proof method of both “birth control” and “ovulation tracking” available to us, but it’s really just as simple as taking your temperature. The power to control our power actually lies within the understanding (and careful tracking) of the subtle ebb and flow of our own Basal Body Temperatures. Who would have thought?!

See, we women aren’t so complicated after all!

For more information on the Fertility Awareness Method, I recommend the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, by Toni Weschler. And for more tools for Fertility Awareness, visit the “Family Planning & Pregnancy Prevention” section of NSM’s Shopping List!

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Peace, Love, & Happy Healing! 💪💚

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