Product Swap Video Diary

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Naturally Strong Mom’s (FIRST EVER!) Product Swap!…

My Beautycounter Upgrade!

As a Mom, I have been working hard to balance my hormones, and one of the ways I am doing that is by eliminating the potentially harmful products that I use everyday. I started eliminating my regular personal products this past Summer, as a desperate attempt to regain control of my health, and I found that just about all of my personal cosmetics had a negative affect on me. So I quit everything! Cold-turkey (with the exception of a single bar of goats milk soap) and my health began to improve rapidly! Exactly what I was hoping for!

Fast forward a few months and I have been slowly, and carefully, reincorporating some necessities back into my daily routine. I have successfully found a safer shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, and deodorant – and have all of my basic hygiene needs safely met. But I have come to realize that, every once in a while, this Mamma needs to slap on some makeup too. So the quest to find safer cosmetics for myself began!

I didn’t have to look too far, either! One of my oldest and dearest friends had told me all about Beautycounter years ago. So, I already had an inkling about their safety standards and dedication to ingredient transparency, but what I found out was that all of that was just the tip of the iceberg! They are truly founded on the safety and protection of their customers, which is so unique for a cosmetics company these days. The level of testing they put into their products is exactly what all the other companies out there should be doing as well, (no exceptions!) and even far exceeds my knowledge and expectations.

So, I am just so excited to present to you, for your viewing pleasure, my (very FIRST EVER!) Product Swap video series!

Part 1 contains my Makeup Bag Dump Out and Clean Swap product introduction! And the second part reveals My Beautycounter Upgrade, featuring my Beautycounter makeup application, as well as the conclusion to our (much needed) date night!

Here they are!…

Part 1 features my own personal Makeup Bag Dump Out and introduction to my new (safer) cosmetics!


Part 2 features my FIRST EVER Beautycounter application and conclusion to me and hubby’s date night!

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And if you’re ready to start over and make the swap too, feel free to visit Naturally Strong Mom‘s Beautycounter and start shopping now!

~* Peace, Love & Happy Healing! *~

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