EVEN MORE! Hidden Hormone Disrupters In Your Bathroom

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Studies have shown that many serious health issues have been linked to long term hormone imbalance, yet little has been done to minimize hormone disrupting chemicals in our everyday products. And while these harmful toxins typically don’t have immediate repercussions, daily use, over time, can accumulate in our systems causing many serious health issues, such as autoimmune diseases, mental illness, and even cancer.

So, I got a question for all of my fellow Moms out there… what hormone disrupters are hidden in your bathroom?

Here are some products that they might be hiding in…

1. Makeup

I once heard someone say there was putrid animal fat in lipstick and that was enough for me! I never wanted to hear any more about any other weird stuff they put in makeup these days. Foolish was I…

Unfortunately, as fun (and glittery) and necessary as makeup is to so many women, it doesn’t stop the commercial cosmetic companies from packing their products with harmful toxic, chemicals that can seriously disrupt your hormones, and have lasting negative affects on your overall health.

To see an extensive list of the harmful ingredients in cosmetics that somehow make it onto the shelves, into our bathrooms, and into our bloodstreams, check out The Never List, by Beautycounter. These are the 1,500+ of the questionable and harmful ingredients that will, thankfully, never ever make it into any Beautycounter products.

So, what’s a girl to do? Dare to go bare?! Only if you want to.

Thanks to the few revolutionary companies out there who pledge to provide cleaner, safer products – like Beautycounter – we, the consumer, now have other (safer) options! Personally, I’m a huge fan. Not only is the quality of their makeup line top notch, but with strict standards like theirs, you can apply and wear your makeup with a whole new confidence, and finally trash your cheap pharmacy store stash once and for all!

Making the switch, and the commitment, to uphold safer standards for yourself when it comes to beauty products will not only tell commercial companies loud and clear that you won’t stand for their harmful products, but it may very well improve your overall health and quality of life!


2. Tampons

Can I be frank here? We shove pesticide sprayed, bleach soaked, factory made tubes of cotton up our vaginas, wear them for hours (even days) at a time, on average 60 days out of the year, and expect our bodies to be ok with it! This is the reality we live in as women.

The tissue up in that area is very sensitive and delicate, I need not tell you that. Why our demands for safer feminine products haven’t been commercially met yet, I do not know. For whatever reason, all of this is somehow acceptable to the companies who sell these brightly packaged poison sticks!

Thankfully, we don’t have to adhere to cotton rags, as done in the olden days. Or bulky pads, as done in the ‘80’s. Wholesome companies still exist out there with safer, organic options!

Seventh Generation makes great organic cotton, chlorine bleach-free, tampons. Cora is another great brand that can even fulfill monthly deliveries right to your door with their subscription option. Set it and forget it! (The delivery, not the tampon.)

We, the consumers, hold the power and authority over what we use for our bodies, we’re still in control. Do yourself a favor and order your safer tampons today! There really should be no other option.


3. Hair Dye

Yet another chemical-laden product line geared toward women. (Is it just me, or are we noticing a pattern here?) Moms have been dying their hair since it became all the rage three generations ago, and this popular beauty trend is still holding strong and not planning on going out of style any time soon. Ammonia, Peroxide, and Resorcinol are just a few of the handful of harmful chemicals contained in a single box of hair dye. The latter of the three has been commonly linked to hormone disruption, while the first two are mainly just highly toxic.

It’s sort of common knowledge that too much hair dying has been linked to permanent hair loss, but we should also be asking ourselves about the internal repercussions from long-term exposure to such toxic chemicals. And, is the trade-off really all that worth it when we consider that our health is our wealth, not our beauty?

But wait! Could it be possible that in this day in age there are safer, even non-chemical hair dyes out there?! …Gasp. Why, yes there are!

Light Mountain, EarthDye, Natulique are just a few companies out there paving the way for the up-and-coming market of safer, all-natural, and organic hair dyes. If you’re a hairdresser or salon owner, Natulique will even help you transition into a certified Organic Hair Care professional, allowing you the ability to provide your local community with a safer and unique alternative for hair care! How cool is that!?

The next time you feel the urge to change up your locks, look into safer, organic hair dye brands and give them a try! Your physical, emotional and mental health deserve it.



4. Contact Lenses

There has been speculation that some brands of contact lenses may contain BPA, a known hormone disrupter found commonly in plastic items. If you are like me and require corrective lenses to function, it may be a hard to hear that your beloved contacts could be disrupting your hormones.

I’m not going to recommend that you switch to glasses because I’m not really entirely sure if it’s any better to wear plastic frames on our face, instead of plastic lenses in your face, as they too could possibly contain BPA. Some things are just unavoidable, which makes it all the more important to always be consciously aware of the potentially harmful ingredients hidden in our daily products.

If you seriously have a problem with hormonal imbalance, however, to the point that it is negativity affecting your health, you may want to ask your optometrist which options they can offer you that are BPA free, in both contacts and glasses, and see what they say. And also, be sure to do as much as possible to avoid BPA in other forms, such as making the switch to glass food storage containers and beeswax food wrap. Small sacrifices, over time, add up and can greatly improve your health and quality of life.

So, there you have it, hidden hormone disrupters revealed! How did your bathroom stack up?

Are you ready to make the switch to safer bathroom products? Your body and soul will thank you if you do! We can’t always trust the products that line our local shelves, and just assume that responsible measures have been taken to ensure our safety because, the harsh truth is, that this is not always the case.

Luckily, we vote with our dollar. Supplies will only be made to meet the demands of the consumer. If we stop buying the caustic and harmful chemical products and start buying safer alternatives, then they will stop making the caustic and harmful chemical products, and we will be healthier (and so much happier) overall for it. Your dollar holds the power, it’s up to you how you choose to spend it.

Click here to see More hidden hormone disrupters that can be found in your bathroom. And also here for yet even more hormone disrupters hiding in your bathroom!

And be sure to get your complete Naturally Strong Mom online bathroom product shopping list here and make the switch to healthier products right now!

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