MORE! Hidden Hormone Disrupters In Your Bathroom

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Hormone disrupting chemicals can be found in literally every room of the house, but somehow the bathroom, one of the smallest (and most intimate) of all the rooms, just so happens to hide the largest amounts of hormone disrupting chemicals found within the home. If you are wondering why your hormone levels have been off lately, it’s likely something in your bathroom may be to blame.

Compare your products to this list and see how your bathroom adds up…


1. Shampoo & Conditioner

Most shampoos and conditioners found in your local store contain many known hormone disrupters such as Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and Parabens – just to name a few. These are industrial-strength synthetic hormones, solvents, and de-greasers. To give you an idea of the harmful effects some of these additives, Parabens have been linked to breast cancer by the CDC for more than 15 years! Yet studies show that our society is saturated with it because it is literally in our food and in most of our hygiene products, like shampoo and conditioner.

If you have been struggling with hormonal imbalance or are experiencing symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, it may be time to switch to an all-natural shampoo and conditioner. I love Jade Bloom‘s all-natural shampoo and conditioner because the essential oils give me a relaxing, therapeutic experience each time I shower, and I find that a little bit goes a long way. But Beautycounter is another company that has a safer hair care line (for many different hair types as well) which I hear is amazing, and I, personally, cannot wait to try them for myself!

Grab your bottles and check the backs for these culprits and their aliases…


Aliases: quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diol (Bronopol)


Aliases: butylparaben, benzylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben.


Aliases: DBP, DEHP, fragrance, and parfumerie


2. Deodorant

Deodorant is another popular hygiene item that commonly contains Parabens and Phthalates, as found in shampoo and conditioner. Such a shame since it’s such a popular hygiene item for other, more obvious, reasons.

Unfortunately, there’s an even bigger predator found in most women’s antiperspirant: Aluminum. Despite endless findings of the harmful effects of Aluminum, such as breast cancer, it still remains the active ingredient of choice for most commercial brands of antiperspirant deodorant.

Luckily, we live in an age in which safer, more all-natural options are available. Personally, I am a huge fan of Jade Bloom’s all-natural Tangerine Vanilla deodorant because it keeps me dry all day, goes on smooth, and smells ah-mazing! (Can someone say creamsicle?! 🤤) After searching for years for a safe, aluminum-free, antiperspirant I am, personally, so glad to finally have this search come to an end.


Check the back for…



3. Cleaning Products

Not all things hormone disrupting in our bathrooms are cosmetics or personal hygiene items. Lurking underneath our bathroom sinks might be the mother-load of all hormone disrupting chemicals: our cleaning products.

Listen, I get it. In order to kill the nasty germs, we need to use something harsh! Bathrooms are the grossest room in the house, without a doubt, and we need to combat that with something caustic, something industrial-strength, something that doesn’t leave your home smelling like a pickle.

Unfortunately, however, these caustic chemicals can do serious harm to our bodies over time. And, despite what you know and trust, safe products need to be sought out and chosen over toxic ones at all times, especially when there are little children living among you. (They put their mouths on everything!)

Fortunately, a few companies have jumped on board the green cleaning wagon, making it easier for moms to select safer options for sanitizing their homes!

Sun & Earth products are not only all-natural, non toxic, and hypoallergenic, but they do an amazing job cleaning and disinfecting, and are so much safer and gentler on our bodies. AND they very affordable! You can even get a complete (12 piece) value bundle set and start over fresh for well under a hundred bucks!

With harsh, toxic household cleaners being what they are, I’d say unless you know for certain that they are not only organically plant based but also non-toxic, then chuck’em. Trust me, it’s really not worth it.


So, how did you add up? How many hormone disrupting chemicals did you find in your bathroom?

In a world where we are literally saturated in harmful additives, it is absolutely impossible for us to avoid them all completely. But this should not be a reason for us to continue with using such harmful products, but on the contrary, be all the more reason for us to always be making a conscious effort to move away from them.

As responsible adults, we should always be keeping in mind two things…

  1. That small changes over time really do matter and make a great difference on our health and quality of life…. And
  2. We vote with our dollar. We hold the power. We determine what enters our homes. We have the authority. It’s up to us to make the healthy choices, one product at a time.

It has come to the point where we can no longer say that we don’t have any safer options available in our market, when so many companies this day in age are making it their mission to provide us with safer alternatives. Don’t be afraid to put down your old trusted favorites if you find they fall within this list, and don’t be afraid to try something new! Explore the world of natural living and enjoy the many benefits! You won’t regret it.

Be sure to read the first list, Hidden Hormone Disrupters In Your Bathroom! (if you haven’t already) and be on the look out for EVEN MORE! Hidden Hormone Disrupters In Your Bathroom, coming out later this week!

Also, feel free to visit our complete Naturally Strong Mom’s Shopping List for more safer bathroom product options and start making the switch to healthier products right now!

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