Living With Adrenal Fatigue: Head-to-Toe Symptom Relief!

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Naturally Strong Mom’s Head-to-Toe Symptom Relief of Adrenal Fatigue…

Adrenal Fatigue is experienced when the body is unable to produce the adequate levels of hormones necessary to function and fully thrive in life. While it is vitally important to work with a doctor to find the underlying cause of your hormone disruption, relief from the awful symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue is equally important in helping your body to reduce the symptoms of physical stress, and therefore speed along the healing process.

If you have been experiencing the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, know that you are not alone. Despite medical science not regarding Adrenal Fatigue as an actual disease, it has been deemed “The 21st Century Stress Syndrome”, with an estimated 80% of Americans reported showing symptoms. (Myself being one of them.)

The following is a list of what has helped me find relief while on my road to recovery…


Thinning Hair

If you are like me, and hormonal imbalance (and/or lack of nutrition) has caused your hair to thin or fall out, it’s understandable as to why you would want to run for the Rogaine for immediate help, but do try to resist the urge! Chances are the chemical-laden commercial hair regrowth kits sold on the selves today are loaded with hormone disrupting ingredients, which would only be contributing to the problem.

I, personally, have found that Jade Bloom makes an amazing all-natural, organic 3 part hair system (see my results above!) and I am just absolutely blown away by it. I highly recommend you try this before anything that could be potentially harmful to your health at this point.


Brain Fog

It’s been documented that Buddhist monks enjoy drinking Kombucha (or fermented tea) upon rising each morning, and before slipping into the covers before bed at night. They believe that the fermented tea is responsible for keeping their minds clean, clear and sharp, and have been consuming this healthful, bubbly beverage for centuries as a result.


My first home-made batch of Lemon Basil Kombucha! Boy, was it good!

Assuming your SCOBY and tea are organic, Kombucha is literally loaded with organic probiotics, which do wonders for your overall gut health, which then in turn, do wonders for your overall brain health.

In all actuality, the benefits from drinking Kombucha daily are extremely remarkable and extensive, and range from easing indigestion to lowering blood pressure. You can also mix and match a variety of herbs or fresh fruit juices to flavor your batches, if you find you are not a fan of the flavor.

Extreme Fatigue

Without a doubt the most debilitating symptom of Adrenal Fatigue is, well, fatigue. It may very well also be the first symptom we experience when our hormones are out of whack, causing us to spend years, even decades, before we realize the real underlying cause of our exhaustion.

When you have to function in life and can’t because you are running on fumes, it can be easy just to go for another coffee, but high levels of caffeine can actually have the opposite effect when it comes to balancing your hormones.

Might I suggest to you instead: Cacao & Maca!

Maca is a very light and pleasant tasting root, ground up into powder, and cacao is chocolate in its rawest, purest form. The combination can be steeped, shaken, and served hot, like coffee or hot chocolate. Or served cold like an iced coffee! And even blended in a smoothie.

Not only can Cacao and Maca give you the kick you need to get going in the morning, but they can actually help to balance your hormones. (And also contribute to strengthening your brain and alleviating brain fog too! Double Score!)


Wrinkles & Acne 

Hello, and welcome to adulthood! Where wrinkles and acne can share the same space on your face. This is definitely one of the most visual symptoms of severe hormone imbalance, and one that leaves us feeling a whole lot of unnecessary stress due to feeling self-conscious. Popular wrinkle and acne treatments these days, however, are loaded with harsh chemicals that can actually have a negative impact on your overall health and hormone levels.

Fortunately, safer, more all-natural products exist today and do and amazing job helping us to put our best face forward without the harmful repercussions. I am currently using Jade Bloom’s skin care line, when it comes to treating my own personal wrinkles and blemishes. Being a health focused essential oil company, they specialize in skin and offer a variety of products from detoxifying clay masks, to all-natural tag or wart remover, and (of course) for wrinkles and acne too.

Beautycounter is another great brand for those of us who are seriously struggling with skin woes. Don’t let the gentleness of their products fool you, each product has been scientifically designed to give you the results you need, without interfering with your hormones!

Mood Swings

When it comes to my mental health, I have been relying heavily on anointing oils, and by that I mean Essential Oils. Obviously, I was skeptical at first. I mean, how much can smelling good really do, am I right?

Um, wow! Was I surprised though!

I simply choose an oil based on my mood, apply it topically with a carrier oil or diffuse it into the air, and within minutes I have a subtle, yet substantial, relief from my emotional hormonal roller-coaster. Smelling good just turned out to be the bonus!

Clary Sage is one in particular that helps to promote healthy hormone levels, which is a huge tool when it comes to helping you overcome these Adrenal Fatigue issues.

Always be sure your oils are GC/MS tested before using them in any way. Contaminated and non-organic oils can possibly negatively effect your health. Jade Bloom is just one of the few essential oil companies out there that do a third party test on all their oils to ensure the safety and quality of each batch.


For me, my Adrenal Fatigue issues began with chronic anxiety, spanning nearly 2 decades of my life. Unaware of the cause, I chalked it up to the tole of the usual stresses of life. Low and behold, it was actually the inflammation in my gut that was causing my chronic high cortisol levels – the hormone responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ reflex!

I have recently learned that the health of our gut is responsible for every single aspect of our lives, including our mental health, surprisingly. And as a result, I am now on a mission to remove the foods that are the cause of my inflammation with the hope that, eventually, I will be permanently healed and rid of my anxiety for good!

AdrenalFatigue05In the meantime, I have found that taking a hot bath, with some epsom salts and lavender oil, before bed a few nights a week has been a great way to reduce my overall levels of stress and anxiety drastically. Other essential oils can also have soothing effects on our nerves as well. Jade Bloom makes great bath bombs, and also a variety of different oils specifically designed to combat anxiety, such as their ‘Unwind’ blend, if you are really in need of a quick fix.

I, personally, also really enjoy daily yoga and meditation, and can honestly say that I have seen a remarkable difference since incorporating 15 – 20 minutes of deep breathing and stretching into my daily self-care routine. (while my diffuser is misting something magical from Jade Bloom’s Yoga Oil Set, of course!)

Don’t have a diffuser? No Problem! The Yoga Oil Set comes with a spray bottle so you can mist your mat before hand! Don’t know how to yoga yet? Would you believe that Jade Bloom also offers FREE online yoga classes every Wednesday night? How awesome is that!?


Me, in May of 2018, at the height of my Adrenal Fatigue symptoms. Extreme fatigue, depression and mood swings had me trapped and feeling (and looking) like a mom-bie (a mom zombie). At this point I could barely dress myself and was actively looking into state disability assistance. This was just before I decided to make some major lifestyle changes in an effort to save my life.

Mild Depression

Probably the least favorite of all of my symptoms, and clearly a close friend to the awful extreme fatigue, is depression. It can be so debilitating that it can literally rob me of the desire to even care for, and heal, myself. All the things that were once so fun and enjoyable now seem so… blah! I, personally, tend to experience these deep lows during the fourth week of my cycle and have noticed this pattern for years.

Recently, upon discovering Jade Bloom, I quickly learned that I can treat my depression by applying Bergamot oil to my temples a few times a day. It has been proven to gently regulate serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain (the chemicals responsible for our mood) and give us the mood boost we need within minutes. Jade Bloom also makes a delightful blend, aptly called ‘Delight’, which has been specifically designed by professional aromatherapists to help relieve the blues and enhance your mood. (which I also love, use and highly recommend!)

7rMuscle & Nerve Pain

I don’t know about you, but I have personally noticed a chronic stiffening of my muscles over the past few years, as the symptoms of my hormonal imbalanced increased. It started with my back and then gradually began effecting my feet, and then my hands. This stiffening was (and still sometime is) excruciatingly painful. It’s as if all of the lactic acid has been stored up in my muscles and they are unable to be depleted of it!

Basically, my body was so exhausted that I lacked the actual energy needed to relax my muscles (which is so weird because you wouldn’t think that your body wouldn’t need energy to relax, but apparently it does!)

Jade Bloom’s Soothe Message Gel has literally been a lifesaver when it comes to relieving my muscle and nerve pain. After a nice warm bath, I (or my husband) massage my stiff muscles with the gel and manually expel the lactic acid. During the worst periods, I could barely handle a massage because my muscles were so stiff. But weeks of dedication, by soaking and manually softening, has proven to have helped immensely!

Another thing that has been a lifesaver for me, when it comes to having one of those awful ‘bad back days’, has been Aleve’s Direct Therapy TENS Machine. While the vibrations may seem reminiscent to getting tatted up, and is definitely not for the faint of heart, it really does the trick at softening my lower lumbar muscles when they painfully seize up and leave me screaming for relief.

Low Libido

This is a tricky one, and usually just really requires an active dedication towards balancing your hormones in order for everything to flow smoothly down there. In the meantime, finding ways to regularly connect with your partner, on an emotional level, is important.

If you want that flood of Oxycontin (the chemical in the brain responsible for feelings of love), then it’s probably a good idea to pull that choke chord every once in a while, and restart your love engine. Think fire-lit cuddling and tight, steamy showers. Try to relive some of your fondest memories from when you first fell in love, and always be intentional about your affection for your special someone.

AND, if that’s just not enough and you’re feeling like you need a little bit of a boost, Jade Bloom makes an ‘Entice’ Oil Set (His & Hers) specifically designed to help you kick-start all those lovey-dovey feelings of intimacy, which are so necessary for us ladies in order for us to really get in the mood.


Dry Skin

Wait! Before you grab your favorite bottle of moisturizer and lather yourself all up, check the back! Are there any big, long, unpronounceable (unrecognizable) words? Are you one hundred percent confident that all of the ingredients in that bottle wont harm you or disrupt your hormone levels?

I only ask because it is extremely important. There is never a reason to use potentially harmful products. No matter how good they look, feel, or smell, there is always a safer, more all-natural, alternative.

Some Naturally Strong Moms are content with their Coconut oil or Shea butter to treat their dry, scaling skin. But as the demand for safer commercially made lotions and moisturizers has increased, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon to provide you, the consumer, with exactly what you need. Without all of the ingredients you don’t.

As suggested above, in ‘Wrinkles & Acne’, both Beautycounter and Jade Bloom’s skin care lines are extremely safe, and even have products that benefit you from the neck down as well! (Not to mention leave you feeling and smelling ah-mazing!)

Sore Feet

One of my favorite tools that I have come across during this fight for homeostasis, is my Electronic “PediComfort” Foot File. Gradually, the callouses on my feet were taking over, getting thicker and thicker, and actually becoming a problem for me. I could see that it was beginning to misshapen my feet and effect my natural gait, not to mention cause me some significant soreness!

I went with my whim to treat my feet and find the best electronic foot file available on the market, and I am happy to say that my life has never been the same since! Seriously, I had no idea how crucial foot comfort is for our overall health up until now. I would have gotten this foot file so much sooner!

After a thorough file and soak, I hit my feet with some of Jade Bloom’s Soothe Message Gel and enjoy long-lasting (whole body) relief!

So, that’s it! That concludes my list of Naturally Strong Mom’s Head-to-Toe Symptom Relief of Adrenal Fatigue. These are the things that have either personally brought me comfort or things on my wish list. I hope it helps you to find comfort during this incredibly painful and difficult time, as you actively work toward balancing your hormones.

Be sure to check out other Naturally Strong Mom articles that can help you gently (and naturally) balance your hormones and help you to be the strongest mom you can be!

~* Peace, Love & Happy Healing *~

P.S. Remember that photo of me, the mom-bie, back in May? Well, this was me less than 3 months later!…

Keep hope! Your healing will come!

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