Moon Cycle: Honoring The Power of The Sacred Feminine

Moon Cycle: Honoring The Power of The Sacred Feminine

MoonCycle01Reconnecting With Ancient Wisdom

We, as a society, have been programmed into thinking that a woman’s “cycle” consists mainly around her period, disregarding all of the other weeks a woman experiences within a month. I’m going to explain to you how that mentality is totally wrong and why it is doing women a serious injustice! And I’m going to prove to you that it is an injustice that has been put in place to actually (very subtly) strip women of the knowledge of their sacred power.

Contrary to what our world wants us to believe, women are not the weaker sex. Women are, in fact, incredibly strong and powerful, transformative beings.

Dr. Patrick Flynn, who is the world-renowned “hormone whisperer”, describes women during the season of childbearing as being four separate women in one month.

It’s not that we are all walking around with multiple-personality disorders, but just that our bodies go through such radical hormone changes week by week that it is impossible for us to remain consistent with our thoughts feelings, actions and energy levels – regardless of what society expects of us.

It is women who get the most excited about new life, no matter the form, because we are all natural-born nurturers at heart. We are biologically created to be this way. And it is women who are statistically more comfortable with (and accepting of) death because we each closely, and individually, experience the cycle of life and death that occurs within us every single month.

This is nothing to be ashamed of! We are as changing as the patterns and phases of the moon! If anything, we should embrace it with an air of honor, (and certainly with a sense of humor!) Life is an adventure after all! It’s not meant to be so even keel and boring.

One Rhythm

For centuries, humans have been associating the female cycle with the moon cycle, very similar to the way that Dr. Flynn compares us to four different women.

It is because of this that the moon is represented by the feminine energy and likewise it is why we, as women are so closely connected to the rhythm and forces of nature around us. We each experience monthly phases that mimic the very phases of the moon!

• Week one is our week of menstruation, and is often represented by the full moon (the end and completion of a phase.)

• Week two is called our follicular phase, and it is most commonly associated with the waxing moon.

• Our third week is our week of ovulation and is rightly represented by the new moon.

• And our fourth week is called our luteal phase, represented by the waning moon.

A Shift in The Paradigm

Centuries ago, women were not only revered for their mysterious natural synchronicity, but also for their ability to create life, birthing both male and female into this world. Women were highly sought after for their internal wisdom and respected for their natural, seemingly miraculously healing capabilities through nurturing. So much so that they were held in positions of high power and esteem.

Back then we followed the Lunar calendar, and a Matriarchal System was our natural hierarchy. Eventually, however, women were subjugated and oppressed for it, physically dominated and ultimately taken into slavery in just about every form of civilization on Earth. So many ancient texts and archaeological findings confirm this. And we have been living in a Patriarchal society for the past 5 to 6,000 years ever since.

That being said, I (and many other women) believe that we are at the cusp in a shift in the paradigm yet again. And that the shift is happening right now. Indeed, not only are we about to witness this but we are actually a part of it!

Although the world, for the most part, now follows the Solar calendar, with the sun being a representation of the masculine energy. Shifting the focus away from the cycles of the moon and, subsequently, our power as women. Slowly, the knowledge of our power, and the respect that came with it, has been removed from us, sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtly.

For Example…

The Gregorian, or Solar, calendar that we currently follow (at least here in the Western world) places 12 months in the year, despite the fact that we experience 13 moon cycles. A “Blue moon” is when there are two full moons in one month, proving that there are more moon cycles than we currently have months in a year. Likewise, we (as women) experience 13 menstrual cycles in a year, not 12 as we have been falsely led to believe. We are that synced up with the moon!

The number 13 is also the numerical representation of the woman, but has since been considered an extremely unlucky number, even to the point that large buildings and hotels purposefully (and ridiculously) omitting the number from the ordering of their floors.

Nomadic No More

We have also done a very thorough job of domesticating ourselves as a human race, for the sake of our safety, comfort, and convenience. Up until the Agricultural Era, we were a nomadic people, living and sleeping on the earth, literally underneath the moon – basking in its waxing and waning light every single night. This effected us immensely in a positive way, aligning us all to the rhythm of our Mother Earth, and syncing each woman up to the powerful gravitational force of the moon.

In fact, the time line of the appearance of many of our modern diseases and illnesses can be associated with our domestication, including PMS!

However, despite our domestication, the moon remains sovereign, having an undeniable power over us, which is why on average more women go into labor on a full moon night more than any other night of a month. Just as the moon controls the tides of the seas, so she controls our bodies as well. We are undeniably in tune with the Lunar calendar, whether society likes it or not, whether the Solar calendar is opposed upon us or not. There is no escaping her rhythm.

This could partly be because, like the sea, we are also mostly made up of water. An estimated 60 percent! (Pregnant women even more so.) And, I also like to think that, if we include nearly the rest of our makeup, which is carbon and hydrogen, that we are actually mostly made of stardust.

Keeping in mind the effects that the moon has on water, consider these two pictures side-by-side…


Any guesses as to what they are?!

They are microscopic images of cervical fluid!

The picture on the right is what our cervical fluid looks like microscopically two weeks out of the month. And the one on the left is what our cervical fluid looks like during our third week, our week of ovulation!

This wonder is described as “cervical ferning”, and it is the magical potion that allows sperm to travel with ease to the egg, to actually even allow fertilization to occur. This is our real Aunt Flo!

Remembering Our Power

Terms like “time of the month” have been predominantly used in our society to describe only our week of menstruation, putting the sole focus on the “death” portion of our cycles. (As if that’s all they were, ignoring all together our other, more important phases!)

We have collectively taken the focus off of our “life” portion of our cycles, our week of ovulation, which is our actual power. And as a result, we are led to feel as though our female bodies are cursed! Obviously our ability to create life is far more powerful and amazing than our ability to shed a lining of tissue, yet somehow this is still the portion of our cycle that is most emphasized.

A woman’s cycle is referred to as a “menstrual cycle”, not an “ovulation cycle”, as it should be. Even when we finally reach our season of retirement, it is referred to as Menopause, not Ovu-pause. Perhaps this is because bleeding is so blatantly visible, but just because the moon is most visible when it is full, does not mean that it does not exist in the darkness of her New Moon phase!

Changing The Terms

What would happen if we simply held our cycles to the same order as the moon phases again? What if we considered our first week of our cycle to be our week of ovulation, just as it is represented by the first week of a New Moon phase? What if we started referring to our cycles as our “ovulation cycle”, and renounced the term “menstrual cycle” instead?

What if we made a commitment to learning the rhythm of our bodies and actually used it to our advantage?

It is my belief that once we have a deeper knowledge of our bodies, and shift our focus onto the life-creating portion of our cycles, then we will be able to reclaim our power. Collectively bringing awareness to the respect that we so deserve, which will cause a shift in the paradigm to happen!

As we collectively remember the sacred feminine power, and embrace the full capabilities of our bodies (without shame or fear of disrupting the societal taboos that have been forced upon us for centuries), we will once again rise up and permanently reclaim our positions of equality! This shift is as undeniable and expected as the inevitable changes in the moon itself.

I don’t, however, believe that we will be shifting backwards into a full-fledged matriarchal society, but just that we will be shifting into a more harmonious system of equality. A true yin and yang system, in which the biological strengths of both men and women (different as they may be!) will be held in equal regard, bringing us into a period of harmony and togetherness once and for all. Call me an optimist or a dreamer, but I see it.

Climbing The Macro-cosmic Ladder

Sara Sophia Eisenman, describe this shift beautifully in terms of our Chakra energy system in her “#metoo” video. The basic understanding of her theory is that we are essentially moving up the macro-cosmic power channels of our world as a society, similar to our more personal experiences within our own microcosmic power channels.

If we consider the beginning of time to be associated with our Root Chakra – the Chakra most associated with our survival, basic stability, and grounding – we can see that the following Matriarchal Era can very easily be associated with our Sacral Chakra, not ironically positioned in our womb-space. And that our current Patriarchal Era can be seen in alignment with our Solar Plexus Chakra, even as we are ruled by the Solar calendar.

By the pattern of this theory, it is only best to assume that our next transition will be up to the Heart Chakra, displaying a harmonious marriage of masculine and feminine energy combined. Ultimate unity in power, in which every heart is finally collectively heard, bringing us into an era of complete balance and harmony. Truly, it is no coincidence that it is the only Chakra represented by two colors, both green AND pink!

What Can We Do?

So, what can we do now as women, as we come into this shift?

Boycott the Solar calendar and demand a reestablishment of the Lunar calendar? Un-domesticate ourselves and begin sleeping out underneath the moon and the stars every night? (Only if you want to!)

No, we really don’t have to do much. Only first come into a deeper knowledge and respect for our bodies on individual levels. To first acknowledge the sacredness and divine power on a personal level, for ourselves, and all else will follow suite. We can simply choose to shift the focus onto our power point, onto the “life” portion of our cycles, instead of glorifying the “death” portion.

We can collectively reclaim our power by starting to refer to our cycles as our “Ovulation Cycle”, and consider our “time of the month” to be our week of fertilization, instead of our week of menstruation.

It is when women begin to understand that, like the moon, our strength has been mysteriously hidden in darkness, can we rise up and move forward into this new era of equality, and finally receive the honor and respect that we so deserve once again.