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Start Your Own Beautycounter Blogging Business!

Join the movement of entrepreneurial women and start your very own Beautycounter Blogging Business today!

This is Naturally Strong Mom’s Step-by-Step Guide, designed to get you creating content and making money, right from the comfort of your own home. 

So I got a question for ya…

Do you want to make money from home? Do you enjoy putting on makeup every once in a while? Do you already spend a good amount of time on social media?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you are in luck! I have just the business plan for you…

No need to take out a bank loan or go brick-and-mortar these days. Thanks to the technology of a smartphone, owning a business has never been easier or more affordable!

To give you an example of a modern online blogging business, compared to the more traditional business model style, let’s say you want to own your very own boutique or shop…

The traditional business woman’s model would be:

  1. She will start out searching the ads for her retail space in her budget, location, and size, according to what she feels she needs. But more than likely, she will end up hiring a real estate agent to help her find and acquire her retail space. Time Spent: Approximately 4 – 6 weeks. Annual Rent: Approximately $10,000 – $25,000.
  2. Acquires merchandise. Time Spent: Another 4 weeks. Annual Cost: Approximately $10,000 – $15,000.
  3. Considers the cost of utilities, insurance, sales tax, supplies, and paying out her employees. Annual Cost: $25,000+
  4. Works 40+ hours a week at her store’s designated location, during the usual daily business hours only.

With this business model, you are looking at an upwards of $50,000+ just to get started! You can see why, with this concept, only the strongest can survive. It’s no wonder why it was such a unique opportunity just to own a business, back in the day. Only those with an absolute flawless business plan and a lucrative trajectory of, at least, 250% greater than that of their investment would make it.

That being said, the average person would need to take out a hefty bank loan, no doubt, not to mention go through the work of getting the licensing, insurance, permits and marketing materials required in order to be a legal and successful business. It is tough out there! Dog eat dog. And nowadays the big dogs, the chain stores and restaurants, are basically making it impossible for any of us to go brick-and-mortar anyways.

And while, there certainly are perks to having a physical brick-and-mortar shop, there is always the possibility of loss due to theft or fire, and then there’s the long commute and late hours away from home. (Which if you are like me, and also a mom to very little ones, then that means including the additional cost of daycare or childcare expenses).

So, with that in mind, let’s look at today’s business woman’s m.o.:

  1. Acquires virtual “real estate” online, in the form of a blog page, by purchasing a site and domain name. Time Spent: Approximately 1 hour. Annual Cost: $106
  2.  Invests in her business while buying her own personal products. Time Spent: Approximately 1 hour. Start-up Cost: $98. Annual cost in personal care products: $250 – $2,500. (Although, really, she is only purchasing the things she already would need to buy and use. So, the cost isn’t really considered as an additional expense, per say, but she does see it as a business investment on her tax return!)
  3. Considers the cost of internet and updated smartphone and accessories. Annual Cost: Approximately $1,000 – $2,000. (Although, she more than likely already has these necessities in her home. She keeps records of her bills and receipts so that she can apply them to her tax return as a write-off, which means a portion of the cost of these items will be refunded back to her just for using them for her business!)
  4. Works 20+ hours a week, wherever she wants, whenever she wants.

With this model, you can see that it would cost as little as $500 – $2,500 to start a successful business, literally a fraction of the cost of renting a store-front space! It’s extremely possible to save up that amount of money and become a business owner in a matter of a few months! (Which is exactly what I did.)

But, if you consider the limited market of a physical building, since you are bound only to the people in your local community, compared to that of owning a virtual store within the worldwide web, it makes so much more sense financially to skip the hassle of renting a building. Especially when you can just work from home!

You can either commute to work and come home exhausted every night, feeling like you don’t have enough time or energy for yourself and your loved ones. Or you can set your smartphone up and take a quick video while you apply your makeup before leaving the house for the day, quickly share it on social media, and earn money while you’re off enjoying the rest of your day for yourself! So easy.

When considering these two business models, it’s clear why more and more women out there are making the shift into the online entrepreneurial world. If you have a smartphone, an internet connection, and access to some of the most popular social media accounts, then you pretty much have all that you need to start earning an income from home. And you don’t even have to sacrifice your own social media accounts or your relationships with your personal family and friends. Creating a blogging platform allows you to reach a global market and, if done correctly, actually allows potential customers to come and find you!

So, basically, to give you an example…

Your blog site is your store, your domain name is your store’s location, and your affiliate companies are your chosen brands of merchandise that you offer within your store. Currently, I have three affiliate companies that I am using on my blog page to earn an income, but one good one is all you really need.


This is my own personal “Store Board” that I have used for brainstorming the overall look and feel of my “store”. This is where I gathered my inspiration, and group together my colors and affiliate companies. As you can see, the name of my store is “Naturally Strong Mom”, the address is my domain name, and my email address matches them both seamlessly.

So, a little bit about me…

img_6369My name is Gail Alibozek and I am a stay-at-home Mom, writer, author, and blogger by trade. I got pregnant with my oldest in 2015 and experienced a pretty tough pregnancy, which made it physically impossible for me to work my typical 9 – 5 job. Three years later, after the birth of my second child, I found that my health issues had gotten worse, and to the point where I was barely able to even leave my home at all.

I reached an all-time low then – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I found myself looking into applying for state disability assistance, just to supplement the evidently permanent loss of my income, but then one night I realized that I could actually use my “hobby-blogging” skills to promote products and earn commissions on the sales of those products, and the rest is history!

Joining the movement…

7650771952_img_1766The confidence, the relationships, and the financial freedom that has come from all of this has literally been life changing for me. The time freedom it has given me to focus on what’s most important in life (like my health, and my family and friends) has been completely invaluable to me. I can’t even imagine where I would be right now if I wasn’t allotted the additional time and energy to deal with my health issues head on (not to mention the additional income to even be able to afford my treatment).

I have found this amazing creative flow that actually allows me to work my business right along side my private life and family, by learning simple marketing tips and tricks, and actually using social media to my financial advantage.

And I am only one of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurial women who are using the technology and tools of this day-in-age, and their incredible female super powers, to make the shift to working smarter (from home, while there’s a roast in the oven). Not harder, for someone else, using their potentially limited business model.

It’s clear to see why women these days, just like me and you, are taking charge of their lives and putting their finances into their own hands by making the decision to become their own boss. This isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a movement!

While you’re at it, join another!…

So, I bet you are wondering, why Beautycounter? Well, remember my health issues? As it turns out, I was experiencing some very scary, and debilitating, symptoms of severe hormonal imbalance. In my desperate attempts to get better, I began researching my daily cosmetics and hygiene products and was absolutely disturbed by the amount of known hormone disrupting chemicals that I found within them.

After one week of ditching the harmful toxins, I was feeling markedly better and knew that I had made a wise decision. The problem was, I personally found that I still needed shampoo and conditioner, creams and moisturizers, and that I even missed wearing makeup.


So, I took to the internet and found some amazing companies out there that are actually founded on the safety and well-being of their customers, allowing them to stand out in a world full of money-hungry companies who don’t care what’s in their products, so long as they sell. One of my favorites of these amazing groundbreaking companies just so happens to be Beautycounter!

So, now that you know a little bit about me, what I do and why I chose Beautycounter as one of my main affiliate companies, let’s get right into it, so we can get started with your very own unique Beautycounter Blogging Biz too!

Step 1 – Envisioning Your Store…

Like every other business out there in the world, the first step is, of course, to visualize your store and get it down on paper. So, about your store…

  • What is the name of it?
  • What does it look like inside? Is it clean and airy? Or dark and mysterious?
  • Take some time to choose five colors that will represent your unique “store” and make sure they all look nice together. You are essentially creating a brand to represent your life and personality so be sure to try out a few varieties of color combinations together before settling too quickly.

I’m a ‘90’s child, so when I think about designing my own personal web page, I’m reminded of my beloved Trapper Keeper days. My favorite time of the year was back to school shopping! After a summer of growing and changing, I delighted in the chance for renewed self-expression! I could pick out my favorite binder (typically a Lisa Frank edition), then choose several folders in complementing colors, and load it up with notebooks for plenty of writing space. I’d add my matching stickers and take delight in knowing that, eventually, I would fill the pages with my jumbo, multi-colored pen. My life was a rainbow and I was happy! I feel the same way about blogging. It’s an opportunity for creativity and self-expression, just the virtual, big girl kind.

Step 2 – Creating Your Store…

Now that you have an idea of what you want your virtual store to look like, it’s time for Step 2! The other thing that all businesses have in common is the financial investment. Luckily, we won’t be taking out any bank loans or paying any ridiculously large sums of money today.

  • Go to and check the availability of your store’s name. You may have to try several different variations before you find one available, so be sure to have a list of about 10 or so different named and try them out starting with the ones you like most first. Once you have found a name for your store, go ahead a purchase the domain name.
  • Then head on over to and purchase a Premium account. You may be tempted to skip the additional fee and just go with a free WordPress site, but upon doing so you will find that you won’t be able to use it for business transactions. Premium is definitely the way to go! And well worth the cost as far as protection and convenience of ease is concerned.
  • Now go to and create your business email. This should be your domain name, if possible, or some shortened variation of it. You are absolutely more than welcome to use your own personal email, but I have found that I am able to easily stay organized with the simple addition of a second email account. Also, keep in mind that this information will be public, meaning anyone can see it. So, being that it’s free, takes seconds to do, and makes you appear more professional, I would recommend a just getting a separate business email account.
  • To show you what I mean, my own personal Beautycounter Business Blog is and my email address is They all match uniformly and will look great together on a business card. My social media accounts all sport my trademark name as well, making me easy to find.
  • Go on ahead and finish this step, then come right back for number three. Go ahead! I’ll wait…

Step 3 – Getting Your Merchandise…

So (once again) we can either go to a bank, take out a loan, search for products, and take on the responsibility of the physical ownership of our own merchandise – and all of the risks associated with that – OR we can become a Beautycounter representative and own our own little virtual shop for a fraction of the time, energy, and cost!

  • Go to right now and join my team of Beautycounter Bloggers! Be sure to use your new business email address to create an account. Get your business Starter Kit ($98), and then choose your personal set, from either their Skincare Line or Makeup Line.
  • Complete this final step toward getting your Beautycounter Business Blog up and running, and unlock the second half of this step-by-step guide!


Congratulations! And welcome to your brand new future as a boss babe! I am so looking forward to working with you and getting to know you better. This journey you are about to embark on is so much bigger than you and I. It is a movement!

That you have taken these steps and made it to this point speaks volumes to your true character, and is a clear indication that you already have what it takes to achieve your dreams. The only thing you may be lacking is a little bit of knowledge and some encouragement, which is where I come into play. I am here to help you every step of the way towards achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. You are no longer alone! It’s only a matter of time now before you start earning the income you really deserve.

For more about Naturally Strong Mom, check out our Blog section, About the Author page, or Affiliate Disclaimer. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter!

~* Peace, Love & Happy Healing *~

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