Hidden Hormone Disrupters In Your Bathroom

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Hormone Disrupters are environmental toxins that can commonly be found in everyday hygiene items in your bathroom. By FDA standards (or lack there of), these additives are considered safe in “trace amounts”, or in many cases are not tested, and even yet in many cases never even listed on our products. The cosmetic industry relies very much on the honor system, and in many regards, hold to the same standard of ingredients since the 1930’s.

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Product Swap Video Diary

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Naturally Strong Mom’s (FIRST EVER!) Product Swap!…

My Beautycounter Upgrade!

As a Mom, I have been working hard to balance my hormones, and one of the ways I am doing that is by eliminating the potentially harmful products that I use everyday. I started eliminating my regular personal products this past Summer, as a desperate attempt to regain control of my health, and I found that just about all of my personal cosmetics had a negative affect on me. So I quit everything! Cold-turkey (with the exception of a single bar of goats milk soap) and my health began to improve rapidly! Exactly what I was hoping for!

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My 100% Effective, Drug-Free, Hormone-Free, Everything-Free “Birth Control” (That Every Woman Should Know About!)

hat they should have taught us in health class!…

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As women, our bodies hold this immense amount of power to create life! Surprisingly, however, the average woman is not all that familiar with her own body and reproductive cycle. For most women of child-bearing age, there are only two stages to their cycle: menstruation and, well… not. Continue reading

Think You Might Be Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue? Here’s What Else To Do

Adrenal Fatigue can really ruin your life. Especially if you feel like you’re tired and burnt out all the time, and having a hard time coping with the regular stresses of everyday life. If your body has been experiencing these feelings, it’s time to take notice and listen to what your body is saying. More than likely it’s telling you it’s time for some simple lifestyle changes… Continue reading

Think You Might Be Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue? Here’s What To Do Right Away…

Do you feel like you haven’t been yourself for a long time? Do you suffer from some scary, yet mysterious, symptoms when you’ve always been relatively healthy otherwise? Symptoms like extreme fatigue and brain fog, sensitivity to lights and sounds, and hypoglycemia? Do you get every cold and flu that goes around and spend all your time feeling drained and worn out? Continue reading

The Hormonal Mom: My Story

After the birth of my second baby, I struggled to function on even a basic personal level. Self-neglect seemed to fit like an old sweater. I got by eating the crusts of my toddler’s grilled cheese sandwiches, and with “mini-naps” in between the baby’s nightly feedings, for months! Everything was fine, I was adjusting to my new life of bankruptcy, I would adapt to these new physical stresses. I could handle it! Continue reading