Writer, author and blogger, Gail Alibozek, is the founder, creator, and sole contributor of the blog Naturally Strong Mom – a journey blog created to share thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and wisdom for moms who are interested in…

  • Living a more natural and organic lifestyle to the fullest.
  • Making a radical change in the direction of natural living, in an effort to improve their health and protect their families from harmful toxins.
  • Making healthier and safer choices when it comes to the products they personally use and bring into their homes.

As a result, you will find that many of the posts contained within this site offer affiliate links of the products that Naturally Strong Mom uses or promotes. Currently, there are three Affiliate Companies that are featured on this blog…

  1. Jade Bloom
  2. Amazon (and the products offered therein)
  3. Beautycounter

The views of this blog, Naturally Strong Mom, solely belong to Gail Alibozek and are no way affiliated with the above listed companies. Likewise, Naturally Strong Mom (or Gail Alibozek) is not responsible for the condition, quality, and/or safety of the products sold by the companies listed above, and purchased from this site. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact the company directly.


img_6369“Thank you for joining me on this journey to optimum health and homeostasis! My desire is for the global community of Naturally Strong Moms to find this blog, and band together in support and encouragement here. I strive to make this blog the pinnacle for all earthy-crunchy moms out there who want an easier way to get safer, and even affordable, options for everyday items and products needed for their lives. All of the products I endorse have first undergone thorough research by yours truly and even, in some cases, third-party screening. And, you will find that the few companies that I do select for Affiliation or Endorsement, likewise, uphold strict standards for the safety of their products, giving me the confidence to share them here with you! Peace, Love, and Happy Healing!” —  Gail Alibozek, founder of Naturally Strong Mom blog.



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