This post contains affiliate links. Please see the Disclaimer page for more information. Hormone Disrupters are environmental toxins that can commonly be found in everyday hygiene items in your bathroom. By FDA standards (or lack there of), these additives are considered safe in “trace amounts”, or in many cases are not tested, and even yet

As a Mom, I have been working hard to balance my hormones. One of the ways I am doing that is by eliminating the potentially harmful products that I use everyday… like makeup! What will I choose to replace my favorite products? Watch and see!

Do you feel like you haven’t been yourself for a long time? Do you suffer from some scary, yet mysterious, symptoms when you’ve always been relatively healthy otherwise? Symptoms like extreme fatigue and brain fog, sensitivity to lights and sounds, and hypoglycemia? Do you get every cold and flu that goes around and spend all your time feeling drained and worn out?